Center for Christ Consciousness

In an effort to seek a greater spiritual understanding of myself and the universe, I have searched and come across many useful books, and websites that provide intellectual and spiritual nourishment. Like most Christians I introduced to the Bible and it's teachings, and thankfully this wonderful tool from the Savior has proved invaluable to my life. My continued desire for knowledge and research has provided the foundation for my personal spiritual walk, which by the way is constantly evolving. Hopefully I can provide something useful on this page and share a perspective or two from other individuals or organizations from all types of geographic and religious backgrounds.

What goes around comes around. Karma. What the universe decides? Still small voice? There are numerous descriptions to what all these sayings refer to. As a Christian, and in my opinion, these terms relate to the my concept of what is Christ Consciousness. Everyday we are constantly bombarded by temptations, worldly ideas, and confusing agendas. In my quest to constantly fine tune my spiritual growth, I have found that there are certain activities that bring out and inner peace, a sense of calmness and peace that reassures me in life. These activities include helping other people, sacrificing time or resources in order to help others can get me to that place. Holding a new born baby gives me a sense of connection to something heavenly and peaceful. As a believer in Jesus Christ I also have a belief that when we follow his teachings, this demonstration of faith often leads to wonderful sense of being in sync with the savior.

Center for Christ Consciousness​​​​​​​

As my time on this earth goes by at an increasingly break neck speed. I am constantly learning new things. As the information age continues to develop and my ability to travel the world offers new cultural perspectives on spirituality, I find myself wanting to share my thoughts and experiences. In an open and non judgemetal way, I hope to provide some value with this website. Recently I come across a certain perspective on Christ Consciousness although my take on this terms might be different than Donna D'Ingillo. I would like to include her information, website and resources for similar teachings. Below you can hear and watch her talk about the subject. This is only the beginning of resources and stories I plan on sharing on this site in the future.

The blood of Christ cleanses our conscience so we can understand what honors God, see—Hebrews 9:14. This is also referred to as the Christian conscience and failure to obey the Christian conscience is in itself committing sin James 4:17

Additional Resources:

Here is another great article and perspective by Claudia Navone, a teacher of consciousness at The Divine University.

Listen to Donna D'Ingillo talk about Christ Consciousness.